DIY: Make Your Own Ghostbusters Balloons

The all female re-make of Ghostbusters was released in cinemas worldwide this summer and turned out to be a hit at the box office. This has led to Ghostbusters fever as Ghostbusters merchandise has made a return while the iconic Ghostbusters uniform will be a popular choice this Halloween. We came across this awesome video on Youtube uploaded by skylanderagent1 and they show you how to create your own Ghostbusters balloons. Keep reading to find out how to make your own Ghostbusters balloons.

What You Need:

  • 2 x white twisting balloon
  • 1 x red twisting balloon
  • 1 x 11″ round white balloon
  • 1 x black sharpie


  • Take your white twisting balloon and twist an arms length of the balloon a couple of times.
  • After that make two pinch twists just under where you have twisted in the first step.
  • Leave a size figures length gap and twist again.
  • Rip off the rest of the balloon and tie a knot to keep twisted section of the balloon inflated.
  • Take your other white twisting balloon and inflate it and wrap it around the two pinch twists on your original white twisting balloon
  • To make a body, measure up the length of the second balloon beside the first one and twist where they measure up and rip the rest of the balloon off. Tie a knot where the twist is to keep the balloon inflated.
  • Now you have a body.
  • To make a head take your white round balloon and inflate it until it gets a little bit round at the bottom.
  • Get your red twisting balloon and make two pinch twists at the top.
  • Bend the balloon in half and twist it on to the other end of the balloon to make a circle.
  • Take the rest of the balloon and measure it up against the circle and put two pinch twists where it measures up.
  • Deflate the left over bit of the balloon and tie the latex around the balloon so it is almost invisible.
  • Attach the white head to the white body, do so by tying the balloon tie from the head to the body.
  • Take the balloon tie from the bottom of the white body and wrap it into one of the two pinch twists on the red circle.
  • Put one of the white arms through the red circle and then put the white head through the same side of the circle.
  • Put the other white arm through the other side of the red circle.
  • Take your black sharpie and draw two black circles next to each other.
  • Draw a bigger black circle where the mouth will be.
  • Draw two small black eyebrows above the two eyes.
  • Draw a small horizontal style line for a nose.

Watch the youtube video from skylanderagent1 to see how to follow the steps above.



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