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DIY: Mini Hot Air Balloon Decorations



Mini Hot Air Balloon decorations are a lot easier to make than you would think but they make brilliantly eye-catching decorations. The Mini Hot Air Balloons are also suitable for all kinds of events as you can design them to suit occasion. For example, if you want them at a wedding venue then you can design them in white whereas bright and colourful designs would suit an event like a child’s birthday. 

What You Need:

  • Small Baskets, plant pots or boxes (Whichever size suits your needs).
  • Helium Filled Balloons – Make them as big as you can.
  • Lightweight rope or yarn.
  • A Scissors.
  • Sticky Tape or Staple Gun.
  • Any art & craft supplies you want (eg. Glitter, Paint, Paint, Permanent Markers, Crepe Paper).


  • Decorate the balloons and baskets/pots/boxes in any way you want before beginning the next steps.
  • Temporarily tie the balloon down to something heavy (A kettle positioned in the floor is a good idea) so you will be able to adjust and fiddle with the yarn as you tie it.
  • Put the basket on the floor under the balloon and ,make an ‘x’ over the top of your balloon, with enough yarn to go over the balloon and down to the basket.
  • Tie the yarn to the basket at four corners, leaving an opening in on the front side.
  • Take another length of yarn and begin tying knots AROUND the top third of the balloon, attaching it to the existing ‘x’.
  • Repeat this step, only this time do it around the middle of the balloon. You may have to wiggle and adjust your yarn, so don’t tie your knots too tight at this point.

  • Drape some yarn from the middle knots so they create some swag from knot to knot. Tighten up knots and trim any excess yarn.
  • Put artistic finishing touches to your decoration. Sometimes a small bit of netting is effective while some people also put flowers or plants into the basket and make them a floral decoration or centrepiece.


mini hot air balloons floating over tables...fabulous!mini hot air balloon centerpiece. Really love this idea, it's so whimsical without being childish.

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