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DIY: Make Your Own Gumball Balloons

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Gumball balloons are a very creative and eye-catching twist on the normal decorative balloon. They may look complicated to make and you may expect them to be expensive but you can actually make your own at a very low and affordable price. You can use whatever kind of balloons or colour of balloons to suit the event you are decorating for so this DIY idea of Gumball Balloons can be used over and over again. There are also two different gumball balloons you can attempt to make such as the half insider or the traditional Gumball Balloon with multiple mini balloons inside it. There’s instructions to make either type below.

What You Need:

  • Clear Balloons (As many as you need, one is needed per gumball balloon)
  • Coloured Balloons (As many as you like, the brighter the colours, the better)
  • Small Coloured Balloons (As many as you like, the brighter the colours, the better)
  • Helium to inflate the balloons
  • Ribbon

Half Insider Gumball Balloon

  • Choose a clear balloon and a plain coloured Latex Balloon of your choice
  • Stuff the coloured balloon inside the Diamond Clear Latex Balloon
  • Then insert (in between the two latex balloons) the nozzle on your Helium Canister, this will inflate the outside balloon – inflate to approx 1/3 of its full size
  • Insert the valve into both balloons together and inflate accordingly
  • When the balloon reaches the required size of the outside balloons, tie both necks to ribbon securely.

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Class Gumball Balloon

  • Choose a clear balloon and three small coloured balloons of your choice.
  • Insert one small balloon into the neck of the clear balloon.
  • Insert (in between the two Latex Balloons) the nozzle on your helium canister and blow, this will then inflate the clear balloon, which should be inflated to half the size of its full size (approx 5”).
  • Then remove the clear balloon carefully, ensuring no helium is lost
  • Re-insert the nozzle into the neck of the small balloon and blow to the required size
  • Tie off the neck of the 5” Balloon and repeat this process twice more so you have three 5” latex balloons inside the 11” latex balloon
  • Tie the neck of the 11” balloon to ribbon





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