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Ireland's balloon bouquet specialist

Top 3 18th Birthday Balloons

An 18th Birthday is an important milestone for everyone as it signals the beginning of adulthood. This means that an 18th birthday celebration should be big and extra special compared to the average birthday. To make the special day extra special, we have fantastic 18th birthday balloon to decorate your party venue. Read on to see which balloons we have to offer for an 18th birthday party, what they include and how much they cost.

3 – 18 Birthday 3 Balloon Centrepiece

This 3 balloon centrepiece includes 3 helium filled 18th birthday latex balloons, ribbon and weight. You can order the bouquet for a table or floor height and you can mix and match the balloons by ordering them in any of the following colours : red, clear, purple, pink, blue and lemon. This bouquet is great for adding colour and fun to your party venue without taking up too much space.

Price: €7.95 per bouquet

2 – 18th Birthday Staggered Centrepiece

The 18th birthday staggered centrepiece includes one 45cm foil balloon with the number 18 on it and 3 x 25cm 18th birthday latex balloon. All balloons are helium filled with ribbon and a weight. The centrepiece can be ordered for a table or floor height while the 3 latex balloons can be ordered in any of the following colours: Pink, Lemon, Purple, Blue, Clear or Red. This balloon centrepiece is very eye-catching as a decoration and brings colour to your party venue.

Price: €12.95 per bouquet

1 – 18 Birthday Number Super Shapes

Number super shapes are perfect for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. If you wanted an 18th birthday number super shape, it would mean that you would need a number 1 super shape and a number 8 supershape. These can be ordered in a range of different colours such as: Blue, Gold, Pink or Silver. Number super shapes are very eye-catching as decorations and are fantastic to have in the background of photos you may take at your party.


Price: €9.95 per number supershape – This means it’d cost €19.90 for an 18th number super shape.



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