Top 3 Wedding Balloon Bouquets

A wedding is probably the biggest event that you will ever have to plan and organise in your life so it so important that every single detail is perfect. Little details such as decorations like balloons may not seem as important for a wedding as other details of the event but it is still important that you choose the best balloon bouquets you can for your special day. Here at Balloon Party, we strive for perfection so we would guarantee to provide you with the highest quality balloon bouquets for your big day. Read on to learn about the best wedding balloon bouquets we have to offer. 

3 – Wedding Layered Centrepiece 

The Wedding Layered Centrepiece includes a helium filled foil balloon which is 45cm (18in) and 3 helium filled 27cm (11in) high float latex balloons along with ribbon and a weight. You can order the centrepiece for a table or floor height and the balloons are also available in white, clear, silver and gold so you can choose whichever colour suits your venue best.


Price: €10.36

2 – Wedding Staggered Centrepiece

The Wedding Staggered Centrepiece includes a 45cm foil balloon and 3 x 25cm latex balloon. All balloons are helium filled and come with ribbon and a weight. This centrepiece can also be ordered for a floor or a table height and is also available in clear, white, gold and silver. The staggered centrepiece is a different design to the layered centrepiece which makes it appear to be taller and larger than the layered centrepiece.


Price: €10.36


1 – 5 Balloon Wedding Staggered Centrepiece

The 5 piece balloon centrepiece is perfect for a wedding day celebration. It includes two wedding themed foil balloons (45cm) and three clear 25cm balloons while it also comes with ribbon and a weight. This centrepiece is also available in white, clear, silver and gold while it can be ordered for a floor or table height. This centrepiece is extra special as it comes with two foil balloons while our other centrepieces usually only come with one but wedding days are extra special days so they deserve extra special balloons!








Price: €14.36






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