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Ireland's balloon bouquet specialist

DIY: Make Your Own Flower Balloons


Flowers are a great way to bring colour to a room or venue and so are bright and colourful balloons. So why not combine them both and make some bright and fun flower balloons. Read on to find out how to make these colourful flower balloons yourself.

What You Need:

  • 5 latex balloons per flower (so if you want 4 flower balloons, you need 20 latex balloons)
  • 2 different colour balloons per flower. (so if you are making 4 flower balloons, you need 8 balloons in a different colour)
  • Pump to inflate the balloons


  • Take two of your first 5 coloured latex balloons and inflate them and then tie them together.
  • Take another two of the first 5 balloons and inflate them and tie them together.
  • Take the last of the first 5 balloons, inflate it and then tie it to one of the pairs of balloons that are already tied together. You can do this by sticking it in between the two balloons, pulling the tail of the balloon around where the two balloons are tied and tying it up.
  • Take the other pair of tied balloons and slide it in between the balloons and twist it around the middle until it fits in and stays.
  • Now take the different coloured balloons and inflate them (but make sure they are less inflated than the other balloons).
  • Tie these balloons together.
  • Take the two tied balloons and slot them in between two of the group of five balloons.
  • Grab the two balloons that are on either side of the pair of balloons and twist them around the pair of balloons once to lock the pair of balloons into place.
  • Repeat the steps above to make more flower balloons.

Watch the video below if you found the instructions difficult to follow:


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