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The Best Balloon Sculptures From Pinterest

Balloons bring plenty of colour and fun to a party but some people like to bring the simple idea of balloons to a whole new level when it comes to making balloon sculptures. It takes plenty of patience and skill to make an incredible balloon sculpture but we managed to find the best balloon sculptures on Pinterest. Keep reading to see them for yourself.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Ninja mutan turtle:

An incredibly artistic individual went to extreme lengths to create Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It must have taken forever to inflate each balloon to the size needed and then to tie them altogether in a certain angle so that it took shape. Although, the most difficult aspect may be getting a way to keep it standing up.

The Monopoly Man


This is an outstanding piece of balloon art. The artist would have to have spent hours inflating and tying together those small grey balloons for the legs before doing the same for the white balloons (torso) and black balloons (arms). You would need a giant nude colour balloon for the head before using white balloons for the moustache and more black balloons for the feet and hat.

Storm Trooper

Balloon sculpture of Stormtrooper and other amazing balloon sculptures.:

Star Wars fever is about to hit again as the new Star Wars movie hits cinemas worldwide in mid-December. This sculpture is made up of black and white balloons but you will need plenty of patience to inflate the balloons and then tie them together. The most difficult aspect of this sculpture would be giving the head the correct look and shape.


Dopey tends to be most people’s favourite dwarf from Snow White but we never thought someone could go to such lengths to create this amazing balloon shaped Dopey.


It's Dopey:

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