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Top 3 Children’s Themed Characters balloon centrepieces

Kids love balloons, their favourite TV characters and celebrating their birthday so what better way to make their birthday special than having a themed party decorated with balloons featuring their favourite TV characters. At we have a range of different Children’s Themed Character balloons but we are going to go through our Top 3 ideas for centrepieces for a themed birthday party. 

3. Peppa Pig



Peppa Pig is popular among small boys and girls so having a Peppa Pig themed birthday party is a pretty big deal. We design our Peppa the Pig centrepiece by having a Peppa the Pig foil balloon joined by ribbon to 2 red Peppa balloons and one yellow Peppa balloon. It is also important to use similar coloured ribbons to coordinate the colours. Look below at our Peppa the Pig balloon centrepiece.

peppa christening


2. Minnie Mouse


Minnie Mouse is a huge Disney favourite mainly among girls so this centrepiece is definitely a favourite for young girls’ themed birthday parties. For our Minnie Mouse centrepiece, we have one Minnie Mouse Foil balloon joined by ribbon to one pink, baby pink and green minnie mouse balloon. We have the ribbon from all of these balloons tied to a weight to keep the centrepiece in control.

Minnie centrepiece






1. Ninja Turtles


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are popular among young and older children so they tend to be a hit for themed birthday parties among a large range of ages. For our Ninja Turtle centrepiece, we have one Ninja Turtle themed foil balloon attached by purple ribbon to two green and one purple Ninja Turtle balloons. This centrepiece also has a weight tied to it to keep it in control.

ninja turtle centrepiece


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