Top 3 Christening Balloon Bouquets

A Christening is a great occasion for all of the family to get together and what better way to make the occasion extra special than having some of our amazing Christening balloon bouquets for the special day. We have a selection of different bouquets to fit your preferences so you can decide whether you want a simple bouquet with three balloons or the more extravagant centrepieces with foil balloons! Read on to see what are the best balloon bouquets we have to offer for Christenings.

3 – 3 Balloon Christening Centrepiece


The Christening party 3 balloon centrepiece includes 3 helium filled 27cm (9in) balloons, ribbon & weight. The bouquet can be ordered for a table or floor height and is also available in pink or blue. This kind of bouquet is perfect if you are just having a small party after the ceremony as they are not too big and the bright colours bring life to the party.

Price: €6.36

2 – Christening Staggered Centrpiece



The Christening staggered centrepiece includes one 45cm foil balloon and three 25cm latex balloon. All of the balloons are helium filled and the product comes with a ribbon and a weight. The bouquet can be ordered for a table or floor height and in pink or blue.

Price: €10.36

1 – Crescents and Foil Christening Balloon Bouquet 


Our Crescents & Foils baby balloon bouquet is a special balloon bouquet for a very special occasion. The bouquet which will be created by our skilled staff includes a giant helium filled bear on top with a helium filled Crescent shaped supershape balloon and 3 helium filled 27cm (9in) latex balloons along with ribbon and weight. Sure to impress and similar to all our balloon bouquets it is great value. The product can be ordered for floor or table height and is available in pink or blue.

Note: It is best to contact your nearest store to check that the product is definitely available.

Price: €24.95


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