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Top 3 Halloween Balloons from Balloon Party

Halloween is fast approaching and this means that there will be plenty of trick or treaters about and people will be hosting their own Halloween themed parties. Balloons are the best way to celebrate an occasion and Halloween themed balloons will bring your Halloween party to life. Here at Balloon Party, we have a great range of Halloween balloons so have a look at the best we have to offer.

3 – Witch Foil Balloons

The Witch Foil Balloons are a fun way to decorate a Halloween party for kids. The cartoon witch is a fun design and really brings the spirit of Halloween to life. Having a few of these around your party venue will really bewitch your guests and bring plenty of fun to the party.

2 – Eyeball Balloons

The eyeball balloons are a spooky decoration to have at your Halloween party but nonetheless they still set the Halloween mood for your party as they bring the horror theme to the venue. These balloons would be more suitable for a party with older guests such as teenagers and adults.

1 – Mixed Halloween Balloon Bouquet

These Halloween balloon bouquets are the option which will suit any type of Halloween party. They include two foil balloons – one orange which reads ‘Happy Halloween’ while the other one is black and reads ‘Boo’. There’s also another black foil balloon available as another option and it is covered pumpkins and skeletons while it reads ‘Happy Halloween’. The bouquets also come with 3 coloured latex balloons.

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