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Ireland's balloon bouquet specialist

DIY: Make Your Own Minion Balloons


Minions have well and truly taken over this summer and caused minion mayhem for young fans and movie fanatics. The little yellow pill-shaped cartoon characters have won the hearts of people both young and old and there’s bound to be many minion themed parties happening all over the world. This post will teach how to make your own affordable minion balloons to make your minion themed party extra-special or it would also be a fun arts & crafts activity for young kids.¬†

What You Need:

  • Yellow Balloons
  • Black Ribbon
  • White Paper
  • Black Sharpie or Black Paper
  • Glue
  • Silver Glitter
  • Scissors



  • Air up your yellow balloons and tie them off
  • Glue a long piece of black ribbon around the largest section of each balloon so to make a goggle band
  • Cut a circle for the eye out of white paper.
  • In the center of the white paper, draw a black circle with the sharpie or you can cut a black small circle from black paper and attach to the center of the eye
  • Add silver glitter or glitter glue to the edge of the eye making a rim for the goggle effect
  • Using a Sharpie, draw a mouth and hair

minon balloons tutorial step by step

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