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Ireland's balloon bouquet specialist

DIY: Make Your Own Balloon Christmas Tree


Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to prepare for the upcoming holiday season than by creating your own homemade Christmas decorations. Balloons are great for making DIY decorations and this week we are going to tell you how to make your own colourful balloon Christmas tree.

What You Need:

  • 5 x 12 inch black latex balloons
  • Many 12 inch green latex balloons
  • Many 5 inch green latex balloons
  • Many 5 inch coloured balloons (red,yellow,blue)
  • Small plastic/metal pole to be in the centre of the balloons so to keep the balloons up



  • Inflate all of the black balloons
  • Tie two of the black balloons together using their balloon ties
  • Tie another two black balloons together and then twist them around the first pair of black balloons
  • Tie a fifth black balloon to the group of four black balloons
  • Get the group of five balloons and wrap them around the bottom of the pole

Bottom of the Tree:

  • Do the same as above except this time use five green 12 inch latex balloons
  • Wrap these five green balloons around the pole just above the group of black balloons
  • Repeat the same steps again with more green balloons and place them above the first group of green balloons
  • And do it again for the third time with the green balloons

Top of the Tree:

  • Now repeat the same steps again except this time with the smaller green balloons
  • Repeat the same steps again for the second time with the smaller green balloons
  • Keep repeating these steps until the pole in the centre begins to be completely covered
  • Inflate the last of the smaller green balloons to a slightly smaller size than to others to make the top of the tree


  • Inflate the small coloured balllons to a small size and tuck them in between the green balloons to keep them attached to the tree
  • Add as many different colours and as many tiny balloons as you like
  • Keep adding these coloured balloons until you think your balloon Christmas tree is complete

If you found any of the instructions hard to follow then don’t worry there is a YouTube video from Mister-Twister to help you out!


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