Ireland's balloon bouquet specialist
Ireland's balloon bouquet specialist

New to Balloon Party – Bubble Balloons!

Bubble Balloons are fast becoming the best-selling balloons in the world and our new range of Bubble Balloons has something for everyone. Experience a whole new category of balloons with Bubble Balloons! The Bubble is a one of a kind and is made of stretchy, see-through plastic. Bubbles inflate perfectly round and have a beach ball-like appearance. Bubbles bring new life to your balloon offering with sizes ranging from 22″ to 24″. They also feature fun and innovative designs including many popular licensed characters! Order some of our Bubble Balloons today and then collect them at any of our 5 locations at a time that suits you.

Here is the range of Bubble Balloons we currently have available:

Birthday Bubble Balloons

Our birthday bubble balloons inspire a quirky way to decorate your party venue and we have a range of different birthday bubble balloons from 18th birthday to 21st,30th,40,50th,60th. We also have standard “Happy Birthday” bubble balloons available.

Birthday Balloons and Candles Bubble BalloonBirthday Fun & Yellow Bands Bubble BalloonBirthday Flower Bubble Balloon

18 Brilliant Stars - Bubble Balloon30 Brilliant Stars Bubble Balloons

New Baby Bubble Balloons

Celebrate a new arrival with our new baby bubble balloons. We have a stars and moon new baby bubble balloons (in pink or blue) and also a teddy bear new baby bubble balloon (in pink or blue).

Baby Boy Moon & Stars Bubble Balloon Baby Girl Moon & Stars Bubble Balloon

Baby Blue Bear Bubble Balloon Baby Pink Bear Bubble Balloon

Disney Princess Bubble Balloons

Whether you are a fan of Frozen, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or the Little Mermaid, we have bubble balloons that you will love!

Cinderella's Royal Debut Bubble BalloonFrozen Bubble BalloonPrincess Royal Debut Bubble Balloon


Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Bubble Balloon 

Star Wars

Death Star Double Bubble Balloon

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