Top 3 balloon bouquets 2015

2015 has arrived and with the new year celebrations behind us Birthdays and other occasions are being celebrated throughout Ireland. The trend in the last 2 years has been that helium filled balloons are Ireland’s favorite way to decorate and this will continue and grow in 2015.

But with everyone decorating with helium filled balloons how do you make your party venue look really special?

Don’t be afraid of colours is the first piece of advice we would give. Pinks and Blues are great but to create a different look you need to experiment with other stronger colours. Orange, green, purple are just some of the colours that create a happy party feeling for a 21st Birthday or 18th birthday balloon arrangement. The fact is that strong colours look better in photos and as your party will no doubly be all over social media this is important.

The second thing to remember is that helium filled balloon bouquets loof much better that single balloons. You can buy less so the cost need not be higher in fact it may work out less. Decorate you main table with a table centrepiece and your doorway with a staggered centrepiece and you are , depending on the size of your venue, almost there.

Here are our top 3 sellers from 2014 with some nice colour options featured.

5 balloon staggered centrepiece – this is a stunning balloon arrangement and will create a real ‘wow’ factor that the guest will not forget. A great balloon decoration for the entrance to any venue or on either side of the main table.


3 balloon centrepiece – a great value option and ideal for decorating a larger venue where a number of balloon bouquets are required to decorate the venue. The perfect low cost helium filled balloon option for larger 21st birthday parties or 40th, 30th birthdays etc.


3 balloon layered centrepiece – this is the perfect table centrepiece and is ideal for any family gathering whether at home or in an outside venue. A christening balloon bouquet or helium filled wedding balloons in this arrangement are perfect for placing on tables to set the scene and make the day a bit special.


If you are interested in helium filled balloons in Dublin call to our Dundrum store where our balloon creators will offer plenty of advice. Alternatively call to one of our Athlone, Limerick or Cork stores or simply order online and collect at any of our locations.

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