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Ireland's balloon bouquet specialist

DIY: Make Your Own Balloon Wall for Your Celebration at Home


Many people opt to host celebrations at home but it can often be quite difficult to figure out how to decorate your home in an effective an eye-catching way for the occasion. At Balloon Party Ireland, we would recommend attempting to put up a balloon wall. Balloon walls are an effective way of decorating an area you want your guests to see such as where you may be serving food or where you want to take pictures as they would look great in the background.

What You Need:

  • Get as many balloons as you can possibly can. The more balloons you have, the bigger you can make the balloon wall. Choose your balloon colours wisely so they suit the theme of your party. For example, go for black & gold if the theme of your party is black and gold. If your party doesn’t have a theme, then we would recommend either blue, white & red balloons, pastel colours or neon themed colour balloons.
  • Sticky tape or masking tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Streamers.


  • Decide on how many balloons of each colour you will need.
  • Inflate the balloons by blowing them up or using a pump.
  • Using the sticky tape or masking tape, start sticking them on to the wall. Stick them as close as you can to one another so that you cannot see the tape and they will also be less likely to fall off.
  • Use a pattern with the colours when sticking them on as it is more eye-catching and effective in photographs.
  • Using the scissors, cut off the end of the streamers if they are too long and then stick them in between the balloons or around the edges of your balloons wall, whichever you think would be most effective.


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